The general travel plan

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We are getting a lot of questions ‘Whats your plan?”, ‘What are you going do to?’ and ‘What’s after that?’

People sometimes react a bit puzzled or surprised when we say we don’t have a finished plan yet. We want to approach this new chapter as openly as possible and let the idea’s and choices happen while we are on the road. Step by step shaping our adventure.

Embracing discomfort

But of course there is a global idea about how it could shape up. Let’s start to be honest: It is pretty exciting to radically change your life. It’s funny to experience that although it’s a choice we completely support, we as humans are so naturally inclined and attached to a degree of security and comfort. Changing it up so radically, goes totally against that urge. So we notice at this moment it sometimes feels completely uncomfortable.

This year we also had to say goodbye to my father who passed away last June. He knew about our plans, love it and said we had to go. We said we would but only leave when it felt comfortable. Comfortable for ourselves and for those we leave behind temporarily. It will never feel completely comfortable after his passing away, but it is our time to go.

New-sealand by bike

To embrace it all; the travelling, the farewell of Voys and the passing of my father we first just want to be completely away. Therefore we start with 3 months of cycling through New Zealand. 2 bikes, a tent, sleeping mats, clothes and a lot of food will make our ‘new home’ during those months.

After New-Sealand we are thinking of spending time in Asia. Which countries and how we are going to travel is still ensure. It all depends on the experiences in New-Sealand, maybe we are ready to sell our bikes or we become addicted to cycling.

Hybrid traveling

After Asia we will come home to the Netherlands to spend time we the people close to us. We are thinking of traveling through Europe after that using a VW camper. We hope to try different lifestyle forms in which we combine working, living and be outdoors. It is therefore quite possible that travelling for us takes on a hybrid form of being temporarily at home and then going away again.

In general it’s all still a big question mark!

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity