We’re leaving Voys

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With a big smile and a tear we decided to quit our beautiful jobs at Voys at the end of this year. For almost 6 years it was our home base to contribute to making the (telecom) world a little bit nicer and inspire others with our way of working.

Working within an equal organisation as Voys has brought us a lot, both personally and professionally. We both have been able to develop ourselves and experience personal growth.

Voys grew at the same time and brought with it its experiences and challenges. Every day it remains a tremendously company to be part of, the challenges are there and wonderful developments await. Simply put, working every day with 115 bosses is awesome. And that’s exactly why we stop now that it’s awesome and make a leap into the unknown to make a dream come true.

Early 2019 we will start a new adventure, we will be traveling without an end date. We want to discover and learn, we want to mean something for others and hope to be able to enjoy a lot of outdoor adventures.

Saying goodbye from Voys, leaving our certainties and switching to travelling will take some getting used to, so we start with 3 months of cycling through New Zealand.

We will share more about our travel plans soon!

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  1. Femke
    Sla je vleugels uit, eet lucht, zie wat nog nooit gezien is, vertrek, verdwaal, klim! Dit las ik gister. 't Doet me aan jullie way of life en adventure denken. Geniet love you 2 💖